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Private Piano, Voice, or Guitar Lessons*

Monthly fee includes four, 30 minute lessons.

  • Private Voice: $80
  • Private Piano: $80
  • Private Guitar: $80


Piano, Voice, or Guitar Classes*

Monthly fee includes four, 30 minute lessons.

  • Voice Class: $50 per student
  • Piano Class: $50 per student
  • Guitar Class: $50 per student


Single 30 minute lesson with no monthly commitment*

  • Private Voice: $25 per lesson
  • Private Piano: $25 per lesson
  • Private Guitar: $25 per lesson

(Classes of 2 or more students are all on a monthly basis)

*Conditions Apply:

  1. Five week months willhave onyl 4 lessons-- No lessonin the 5th week.
  2. No payment credits will be given for any missed lessons - you are paying for the time slot in the schedule, and the lessons must be paid in order to keep the time slot. However, you will not owe for any lessons that I, the instructor, have to cancel, and will be refunded in such case.
  3. Monthly payments are due on the first lesson of the month.
  4. If you wish to stop taking lessons, please notify me as soon as possible so I can schedule other students.